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About us

SICO – SOURCE INDIA COMPANY strives to be the most dedicated and trusted Business Associate for Enterprises in Europe and India, when it comes to the art of trading goods and services.

With our unique blend of market expertise, experience and competencies in tradecraft, we seek to provide our partners access to their chosen industries and industrial sectors. A means to not only access the global market place, but to provide an opportunity to carve a niche segment for themselves in it.

SICO’s envisions itself as a company that prides itself in adopting fair, healthy and sustainable business practices to thrive in an environment where all it’s associates and stakeholders are happy in their co-existence. An environment of tradecraft that is both profitable, as well as socially responsible.


“To enable Businesses to gain Global Competency by providing them with innovative and customized Trade Solutions. SICO aspires to be the most trusted and preferred Business Associate in the sectors, we serve.”


SICO, is driven by a need to create a sustainable business enterprise that realizes the dream of great trade practices between India and Europe. One that facilitates, cultural exchange between the regions; a relation that fosters and promotes the trade of indigenous resources. A practice of trade, that works to give regional SME’s an opportunity to be a part of the global market place.

At SICO, we hope in doing so we can grow to be a key player in promoting socially responsible business and trade models, that respect the environment.


  • Trust

    Relationships are built on repeated transactions, one where relationships take precedence over transactions.

  • Efficacy

    Our core competencies are built around our expertise in understanding global trade market and that’s exactly what we put to work when you work with us.

  • Sustainability

    We are constantly on the look out for creating new opportunities and in roads for our partners so that their foothold in the region is a strong one.

  • Good Business Practice

    At SICO, when we win, everybody wins. It’s as simple as that.

  • Risk Sharing

    The global market is a complicated one for the pioneers, and that’s why we take equal responsibility when we help our partners navigate them.

  • Co-existence

    Tradecraft is an art of creating an environment of synergy with all those who reside in it, and the better we understand, the further we can travel

  • Empowerment

    SICO is all about enabling it’s partner to take control of it’s destiny in reaching new heights, new markets…