Indian handmade lifestyle products are of great fancy for people around the world. SICO Lifestyle range comprises the best quality Natural products which are Eco friendly. Because of the abundance of natural resources and quality labor, Indian lifestyle products are natural and rich in style. We have chosen few products of Leather,Natural Jute and Coir. We are equipped with any customized leather products in the required quality leather. Jute is a natural farm produce of India and we have an excellent unit capable of giving you any customized Jute product starting from a wine bottle bag to a fancy ladies bag to Executive Conference bags. Coir is again a natural product of Kerala, a South India State where coconut trees are grown in abundance. Presently we have a range of running carpets and door mats made out of natural fiber which could be customized to your requirement in measurement and design.

Leather Products

SICO has lined up a good range of high quality customized leather products like Jackets, garments, ladies and gents bags, belts,valets etc. Leather experts are retained to procure the best raw hides. The finished Leather produced is free of AZO, PCP, & Disperse Dyes as per Reach / international standards. Quality is uniform to all our products and never compromised. We take pride in producing best quality of leather products to, catch International standards. Leather finishes like Vegetable, Drum dyed & waxed in sheep, Goat, Cow & Buffalo hides in common are readily available in our stocks. WE take all possible care to maintain a uniform quality control on each product to ensure the customer gets the best always. A highly qualified team is engaged in the procurement and production and New developments are being adopted as per market & fashion trends. Latest Technology is adopted to ensure a flawless production line.

Jute Products

Jute is one of the most important natural fibers after cotton in terms of cultivation and usage. Cultivation is dependent on the climate, season, and soil. Almost 85% of the world’s jute cultivation is concentrated in the Ganges delta.India has a major share in Jute farming.Indian Jute Industry has grown to new heights once it started expanding the use of Jute fibre in making amazing Lifestyle products which are 100% organic and eco friendly.Jute is one of the most affordable natural fibers.Jute fibers are composed primarily of the plant materials cellulose and lignin. The industrial term for jute fiber is raw jute.The fibers are off-white to brown, and 1-4 metres (3-13 feet) long. jute is also called “The golden fiber” for its color and high cash value .

We have a wide range of Jute products like SHOPPING BAGS, PROMOTIONAL BAGS, WINE BOTTLE BAG, GIFT BAGS, SOUVENIR BAGS, LADIES BAGS, NON WOVEN BAGS, GENERAL SHOPPING BAGS, FOOD GRADE BAGS, PICKUP BAGS, MULTI COLOR BAGS, Conference Files and Bags, JUTE FOOTWEAR AND OTHER OCCASIONAL BAGS. These products are created with traditional and trendy designs and looks to cater to both conventional and innovative applications like Trade Promotion and other Image Building quests. Jute is a 100% natural product and hence Eco Friendly. Our Team is equipped to provide any kind of customization in terms of Jute products.These bags can be made from different colours of jute with a variety of handles like Bamboo, Cane, Rope etc. The printings on these bags are done with utmost care so as to attract people to read the matter on it, which remains the main purpose of a promotional bag. Our spectacular collection of Jute Bags can be custom-designed in terms of size, shape, colours, handle, etc.The bags have a perfect finish with stylish and elegant patterns, and beautiful combination of colours and of course a variety of more than hundreds of designs to choose from.

Coir Products

Indian Coir Industry has a long story to tell.The coir manufacturing industry producing coir mats, matting and other floor coverings, was started in India on a factory basis, over a hundred years ago when the first factory was set up in Alleppey in 1859 by the Late Mr. James Darragh, an adventurous Irish born American national. Enterprising Indians followed the trail blazed by this foreigner.

Any successful Industry tells the success story when the raw material is available in abundance.

The history of Coir and its association with the state of Kerala dates back to the 19 th Century. Sandwiched between the Western Ghats on the east and the Arabian Sea on the west, Kerala is one of the most beautiful States in India. A tropical paradise of waving coconut palms and wide sandy beaches, this thin strip of coastal territory slopes down from the mountain ghats in a cascade of lush green vegetation and varied fauna. One of the most commonly seen tropical trees in Kerala is the Coconut tree. In fact, even the name Kerala (Keralam in local language) is derived from this tree (“Kera” in Malayalam language means Coconut and “Alam” means Land, thus Keralam = Land of Coconut). Everything from Kerala’s culture to its dishes is evolved around the Coconut tree.

Alleppey is the nerve centre of Kerala’s famous Coir industry. Here, one can see coconut husks being beaten into fibre for making beautiful mats and other coir products. Both men and women are actively involved in the production of Coir. The women are mainly involved in the yarn spinning sector and the men in the product-weaving sector. Coir Industry enjoys the status as the largest Cottage Industry in the State of Kerala, giving employment to over a million people. Kerala also has a very fine natural harbour located at Cochin ( Kochi). From the ancient times itself Cochin had found a place in the minds of Europeans as a trading centre because of its port and spices.

SICO has a good array of fine coir products to suit any customer demand.From stylish door mats to rolling carpets are available in different sizes and colours.Our Team and production units are equipped with Hi Tech manufacturing technology to meet the quality and quantity requirements.Our units involve a social responsibility by engaging the local people in processing the husk to fibre and other initial stage jobs.Inspite of our wide range of products in different sizes,we can supply any possible customized orders.

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